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2013-11-01–03 Sugoi Con (Friday–Sunday)
Sugoi Con has been a regular annual anime convention starting in 2000
(It was an informal fan gathering starting in 1993, and a con (Sugoi Con IV) in 1996)
Most recently held 2012-11-16–18
See the Facebook page & Twitter feed
Crowne Plaza Cincinnati North (Sharonville), 11320 Chester Rd, Cincinnati OH 45246, +1-513-771-2080
Don’t miss it!

Club pages

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Anime UC (University of Cincinnati) This Facebook group appears to have the up-to-date (Fall 2010) information on Anime-UC. See UC directions and maps.
(There is an out-of-date site still up at [Stale] last updated 2003-09-26)

Teen Cincinnati Anime Club [Stale] has its own Yahoo! group, cincyanime [Very low activity]; the Yahoo! group was started 2000-05-22, the most recent message appears to have been in March 2008.

cincinnatianime [Very low activity] is another Yahoo! group, started 2001-04-25.

More pages

ConPix showcases pictures from many anime conventions, starting with Anime Expo 1998 and including pictures from Sugoi Con 2000, Sugoi Con 2001, and Sugoi Con 2003.

Ikasucon, last Cincinnati event held 2006-07-14–16 at the Duke Energy Center (Cincinnati Convention Center) and the Millenium Hotel in downtown Cincinnati, was a relatively new annual Cincinnati anime con. Starting 2007 and thereafter, it has not been a Cincinnati con, being held in Fort Wayne Indiana. Previous Ikasucons were held in Cincinnati on 2003-07-25–27, 2004-07-16–18 & 2005-07-15–17.

Miki’s Junk Jungle—Anime Cel Collecting! Last dated message 2005-01-12. Offers/offered anime cels for sale. See mikichan’s eBay page (empty the last time I looked).

Sailor Senshi Fanfiction last updated 2005-03-12.

Scumbag’s Page ’O Stuff last updated 2004-04-01. Note that many of the Scumbag’s anime convention photographs are featured, with his kind permission of course, on the ConPix site.

Stan Bundy’s Fanfic Web Page includes Stan’s Robotech fanfiction.

Stan Bundy’s Web Site on Robotech and Palladium; last updated 2009-07-27. Includes Stan’s Robotech fanfiction.

Takaholic’s home page The Old Takaholic is the undisputed Godfather of southwestern Ohio anime fandom, even if he has moved to Columbus.
A very similar, but I think perhaps slightly older, version of this site was formerly at [Gone]

Watching for the Dawn Memnon’s home page—that’s this page, baka!

Gone-but-not-forgotten pages

Ami “The Gargoyle Queen’s” Homepage [Gone], last updated 2001-01-03.

Animeisha [Gone] last updated 2003-11-18. This site was the home of the Hayate Kinoko (Mushroom Farm) Anime Club, while it (the club) lasted.

Green Castle [Missing] (the NEW Green Castle) is Dana’s personal page, last updated 2007-04-07. This is a new url, replacing

Psycho KORps [Missing] Dana’s fan subtitling home page (formerly shared by TGA 2500, another local subtitling team). Last updated 2003-07-03; last comment dated 2002-09-16. This is a new url, replacing

Musical Sorcery Productions [Missing] is (was?) Dana’s subtitling/timing business; the site features a list of commercial projects done by him and his co-worker Rika Takahashi. “No current subtitling projects”. Last updated 2003-07-03. This is a new url, replacing

KaibaCorp.Net V5.0: Breaking The Habit [Missing] Mostly empty, I think; I got tired of looking for content. Last update apparently 2005-03-23.

Anime UC (University of Cincinnati) [Missing] used to meet weekly, every Friday in room 500, Swift Hall, starting on 2005-02-11; see UC directions and maps. Last updated 2006-09-15. Specific schedules and announcements are shown, not on this site, but on the University of Cincinnati’s password-protected Blackboard system.  This is Anime UC’s current, up-to-date web site.
Redirection: [Missing] redirected to [Missing]
Also, [Missing] redirected to [Missing]
(There was an out-of-date site still up at [Missing].

Anime Meetup Cincinnati [Closed] is a page for for Cincinnati anime fans to arrange online to meet in person. Meetings are scheduled for the third Saturday of each month at 19:00. 48 members at last count. (It is not exactly a club, but where else do I put it?)

Forgotten Heros [Missing] is a Final Fantasy fan page.

Goofy Robo’s page [Stripped]

Kyle Hoyt’s home page [Missing] See the Art section, especially Fan Art, to see some of Kyle’s very nice anime-inspired pictures.

Sailor Moon Shrine [Missing] features a Chibi Moon image gallery and a trading page Sailor Moon cards and other anime cards. Main page last updated 1999-04-16; trading page last updated 2001-04-19.

Blacklight’s Garage [Missing] is a reference listing of anime music videos compiled by Lara, who makes anime music videos herself. Last updated 2001-06-21.

Anime-Cincinnati home page [Missing] Anime-Cincinnati was Cincinnati’s first anime club, founded in 1989; its final meeting was 2002-04-12 (note that Anime-UC, above, is now holding meetings twice as often to take up the slack). Since September 1998, the club has been posting its newletters on the site; they are well worth looking at!

Tuxedo Dark’s Home Page [Missing] Tony’s main page

[Missing] Flame Sniper (Sailor Mars) Gallery Another of Tony’s

WWWA Database [Missing] Another of Tony’s

Tony’s Darkworld Home Page [Missing]

Sailor Nero [Missing] Another page by Tony, devoted to his Sailor Moon fanfiction novel

Marcus Childs’ Homepage of Anime Style Art [Missing]
I have two addresses for this site, and, but neither is up.
This site seems to have been popular; look at the Google references and the AltaVista references.

SEEYIKES’ (Super) Sailor Moon WEB Page [Missing]
Formerly NEW AND WOW BGC [Missing] FRAME GRABS! (Bubblegum Crisis screen captures). This page is not actually gone, but it no longer has anime content, and is now known as the Temple of the Weeping Otaku (oops, that’s gone too). See the Goofy Robo page (oops, stripped); it’s the same jerk.

David’s Home Page [Missing]

This is the Big Hush [Missing]

yaoicincy [Missing] is yet another Yahoo! group, this one dedicated to the theme of shounen-ai (gay male love)