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Exclusive review: Inu-Yasha:
Rumiko Takahashi's (Ranma 1/2, Maison Ikkoku, Mermaid Tales) new hit TV series in Japan
  Rating: PG-13
  U.S. Distribution Rights: none
  Genres: Action, Comedy, Shounen

All-Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku Dash (OVA)
Alternate Title: Super Cat Girl Nuku Nuku 2

Description:    The continued adventures of an android cat girl, her weird family, and the damage she causes when her body continuously proves itself more powerful than her brain.

Overall Grade: 84.5% (B)

The All-Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku (TV) Review
The All-Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku (OVA) Review

  Reviewer #1: Clyde Adams III
  Episodes reviewed: Banno Bunka Nekomusume (Raw Japanese)
Grade: 91% (A-)
   This is a very good comedy series, a worthy successor to the first OVA series, highly recommended. The art, production values, and character designs are very good, although not quite up to the standard set by the first series, in my opinion.

The life and world of cat-girl-robot Nuku-Nuku continues to develop. She takes on more responsibility, gets a waitress job to pay for damages she caused, attracts admirers, finds she has a kindred being and would-be deadly rival (another robot), and finally sets out on a life-or-death mission into space! She gets into all the comic troubles that can be expected when you have an inexperienced cat's brain in a super-powerful robotic body. Nuku-Nuku's admirers look a lot like Lum's Guard from Urusei Yatsura; a protective gang of infatuated young men.

The paramilitary office ladies, Arisa and Kyoko, are back seeking revenge against Nuku-Nuku, with automatic weapons, catnip, or whatever it takes. But their boss Akiko, the main threat before, now often finds herself on Nuku-Nuku's side.

  Reviewer #2: Zac Bertschy
  Episodes reviewed: 1-4, subtitled
Grade: 78% (C+)
   Nuku-Nuku DASH! seems to have been made soley for fans of the original series. Not being a fan of the original series, I didn't care much for Nuku Nuku DASH!. I've seen the original Nuku-Nuku OVA series — why would I want to see the same thing again, with slightly worse animation and changed character designs?

This OVA series does do a few things the first one didn't. It ages the characters a little bit, and puts them into different situations, so Nuku-Nuku's gimmicky personality can interact appropriately. Therein lies the real problem with this series. Once you can predict what Nuku will do next, which isn't very hard, the show becomes instantly boring. You can call everything that will happen in an episode just by reading it's title. Nuku chases mice around. Nuku gets distracted at an inopportune moment. Yawn. You've seen it once, you've seen it a million times. The animation quality has, of course, dropped a level, although for a modern OVA series, this one doesn't look bad at all. The character designs seem to have been remade with washed out colors in mind. This series looks very old, like it's been left out in the sun for too long. Nuku-Nuku now has yellow hair, which doesn't really suit her character at all and ends up looking very pale and washed out compared to the first OVA. The music is passable as typical anime fare, sounding a lot like the score to Saber Marionette J, which I suppose is similar enough to this series. It's not all bad, though. Nuku fans will be in heaven, as will otaku who love catgirls. Nuku-Nuku is arguably the most cattish of the catgirls in anime today, and those with an affinity for the breed will find nothing to complain about here. Newcomers, however, probably won't be impressed with this, and would be better off discovering the original series for themselves first.

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