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Exclusive review: Inu-Yasha:
Rumiko Takahashi's (Ranma 1/2, Maison Ikkoku, Mermaid Tales) new hit TV series in Japan
  Rating: PG-13
  U.S. Distribution Rights: Media Blasters
  Genres: Comedy, Fantasy

Elf Princess Rane (OVA)
Alternate Titles: Fairy Princess Ren, Yosei Hime Reen

Description:    Move over Indiana Jones! Here comes Go Takarada! But while running away from a priest whose shrine he has just trashed, he runs straight into an Elf Princess named Rane.

His treasure-hunting plans put the wealthy Yumenokata Foundation and the brave members of the Fire Department into a free-for-all melee of confusion, explosions and intrigue. Meanwhile, in the middle of all the chaos, another elf named Leen appears before Mari, Go's neighbor and childhood friend. Will Go ever realize how Mari truly feels about him? Will Mari ever notice how her father's right-hand man feels about her? And will Leen ever remember what he came here to do?

Overall Grade: 88.33% (B+)

  Reviewer #1: Clyde Adams III
  Episodes reviewed: OVA 1-2; Subtitled
Grade: 85% (B)
   Elf Princess Rane is a frantic roller-coaster ride of a comedy, recommended.

The main character Go is always seeking hidden treasure, leaving havoc wherever his imaginary quest takes him. He keeps seeing "clues" everywhere. He suddenly encounters the elf princess Rane, who seeks his aid on a quest of her own. Go and Rane have no language in common, but Go eagerly seizes on every incomprehensible thing Rane says as a new clue.

In the meantime, much is going on. Go's childhood friend Mari Yumenokata, likes and pursues Go; but Mari's father's assistant loves Mari, and plans to demonstrate it in a big way. Mari is accosted by another elf, the witch Leen, who is looking for Rane but doesn't remember why. The Yumenokata Foundation, with Mari's rich and powerful father at its head, is pursuing its mysterious secret Yumenokata Project, and finds itself in constant conflict with the Fire Department. Go has three older sisters, identical triplets, stunning redheads; one works for the Yumenokata Foundation, one for the Fire Department, and one for a shrine where Go repeatedly makes a nuisance of himself looking for treasure.

It has some flaws. There's too much detail, too many characters and problems to keep track of. Some of the jokes fall flat. Worst of all, it's an unfinished story. Where's part 3?

  Reviewer #2: Danielle Perreault
  Episodes reviewed: 1-2, subtitled
Grade: 95% (A)
   Abandon all rational thought.... for Fairy Princess Ren has arrived!

Written and directed by the comic genius Akitarou Daichi(also known for his work as the director of Kodomo no Omocha), this show is without a doubt one of the most hilarious and totally irrelevant anime to come around in a long time.

>From the Ren's "transformation sequence" to Takuma -- our token "moody bishounen's" levitating hair(cause you know.... a bishounen is never complete without the gravity defying hair!), Fairy Princess Ren manages to poke fun at practically every anime stereotype out there.

This is a show that takes absolutely nothing seriously -- including itself.

The characters are completely whacked out and when they aren't running around like lunatics, they're talking either in gibberish or at the same time as someone else... so sometimes you really have no clue what they're saying. Although they make just enough sense for you to grasp some kind of plot...

Don't worry if you feel like you're lost on a whirlwind -- you're supposed to. You're not in this for the deep meaningful plot, no are you in this for the wonderful art(though I personally love the animation and character design). You're in this for the pure zaniness of it all.

And pure zaniness ye shall receive.

  Reviewer #3: Mariela Ortiz
  Episodes reviewed: 1-2; Subtitled & Dubbed
Grade: 85% (B)
   Is this a tale about treasure hunters, fairies from another dimension or something greater? We'll probably never know. Hard to fit into a genre, bizzarely funny and unjustifiably short, this anime will probably leave you guessing, but you'll have laughed a lot along the way.

Don't come looking here for plot - there isn't much of one. Don't look for serious character development either - you'll be lucky if you can remember their names. But is you want an hour of non-stop goofiness, scantily clad women and the weirdest definition of twins, you won't be disappointed!

There are few titles where the dub is just as highly recommended as the sub, but this is one of them. Not only is the acting excellent and just as rapid-fire as in the original, but listen very carefully when it sounds like nonsense. You may be surprised in what you hear. Be forewarned, there is no part 3! Gatchabagoose!!!!!

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