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Rumiko Takahashi's (Ranma 1/2, Maison Ikkoku, Mermaid Tales) new hit TV series in Japan
  Rating: G
  U.S. Distribution Rights: Disney
  Genres: Family, Drama, Fantasy

Kiki's Delivery Service (Movie)

Description:    It is a tradition for all young witches to leave their families on the night of a full moon to learn their craft. That night comes for Kiki, who follows her dream and embarks on the experience of a lifetime. With her chatty black cat, Jiji, she flies off to find the perfect spot in a faraway city. There, a bakery owner befriends Kiki and helps her start her own business: a high-flying delivery service. The job opens up a world of fun-filled escapades and new friendships, including one with Tombo, a boy who dreams one day of flying. As Kiki tries to fit in, she discovers that the confidence she needs to overcome the challenges of growing up is within herself and not in her magic.

Overall Grade: 94.66% (A)

  Reviewer #1: Shu-Chun Lin
  Episodes reviewed: Subtitled
Grade: 93% (A)
   Kiki's Delivery service is a very sweet movie. It is all about a little witch, Kiki, she leaves her parents to find herself and her own dreams. The story structure, the artwork, and the music are extremely incredible. I love the first song of the sound track (Sorry, I really don't know how to read in Japanese, so I can't tell you the name of the song. You can still check the music clip on this page, then you will know what I am talking about ^_^ ) I love that song so much I even put it in my answering machine for whoever calls me. Every time I hear that song, I can't help but be intoxicated and let the melody lead me. Then I feel like I'm floating??

Jiji, the black cat in the movie, he is my favorite character ever?.(From my nickname you can already tell =P ) I like him not because he is cute?.even though that is true. If you pay attention to every conversation he has with Kiki, then you will find out how funny and smart he is. He is a very important character in the movie. I believe if Kiki didn't have Jiji to be with her on her journey, she would be very lonely. I am kind of being upset about after Kiki lost her magic, then Jiji never speaks again. I guess it is the way it supposed to be. There is a real connection between Kiki and Jiji, so they don't need any words to communicate or understand each other any more.

Kiki delivery service is a movie which is worth watching over and over again. I don't remember how many times I've been watching (because I love every single conversation Kiki has with Jiji.) I would suggest you to get it from fansub group if you could. The one I have is subtitled by Disney and I discovered that Disney changed some conversations from the original version. When the bakery owner the first time met Kiki, she asked Kiki if she liked to have coffee. Disney changed coffee to chocolate, because Disney didn't want children to get used to drink coffee. Which I understood and it wasn't such a big deal, but I still felt that it would be better Disney kept the story still from the original version. It is only a personal opinion and it really depends on you.

  Reviewer #2: Clyde Adams III
  Episodes reviewed: Movie; subtitled
Grade: 96% (A)
   Kiki's Delivery Service is a charming fantasy story. It's not a comedy, but it's full of comic moments, fun, and joy. Highly recommended for all ages, this was the first Studio Ghibli film released by Disney, and it's easy to see why.

The underlying story revolves around 13-year-old witch Kiki's efforts to become self-supporting in the big city. She decides to operate a delivery service, using her broomstick. She faces many obstacles, including economics and people's attitudes. But her biggest obstacle and challenge turns out to be herself. Lacking sufficient self-discipline, self-confidence, and inner strength, she falls into a state of spitefulness and depression; she even loses her powers and breaks her broom. With the help of her new friend Ursula the artist, Kiki finds to courage to start again.

The landscapes we see from Kiki's broom are exceptionally beautiful and well painted, even by Studio Ghibli's standards. The climactic cliff-hanging scene, where Kiki tries to rescue her friend Tombo while flying a borrowed broom, should be enough for any adrenaline addict.

  Reviewer #3: Mariela Ortiz
  Episodes reviewed: Movie; subbed and dubbed
Grade: 95% (A)
   A sweet and charming tale of a young witch, this classic movie can be enjoyed by young and old alike, and thanks to an excellent dub by Disney, young children who may not be able to keep up with subtitles can watch and follow this beautiful tale.

Kiki's tale is not a complicated one, but a familiar one, as eventually we all have to find our own special talents, our own place in the world. Kiki is a spunky child, easily likable, and her long-suffering talking cat, Jiji, is adorable. Similar to the children's book on which it was based, the movie is a series of episodic stories, in fact, Miyazaki felt he had to add conflict to the tale, to make the movie interesting! With each adventure Kiki learns about life, but these lessons are never preachy.

Both the original Japanese version and the American dub are quite good, even if there are differences, for example Jiji, is radically different in English, but still funny and not entirely inappropriate for the character.

A beautiful film on its own, Kiki's Delivery Service is an excellent introduction to the great Miyazaki's films, as well as an example that there is anime for all ages. Buy this one for all your young relatives, and get them into anime when they're young!

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