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Exclusive review: Inu-Yasha:
Rumiko Takahashi's (Ranma 1/2, Maison Ikkoku, Mermaid Tales) new hit TV series in Japan
  Rating: PG-13
  U.S. Distribution Rights: None
  Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi, Action

Memories (Movie)

Description:    Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira) presents three ground-breaking stories in one movie:

  • Magnetic Rose— four space workers receive a strange S.O.S. They investigate to find the ship filled with memories of an old Opera Diva, and something that's haunting the ship.
  • Stink Bomb— a bumbling researcher accidentally takes an experimental drug which causes his body odor to have a strange effect on plants & a deadly effect on animals.
  • Cannon Fodder— directed by Otomo himself, this is a tale of a boy and his city which does nothing but firing cannons against an unknown, unseen enemy

  • Overall Grade: 93.5% (A)

      Reviewer #1: Kane Tung
      Episodes reviewed: Subtitled
    Grade: 90% (A-)
       One of the most remarkable Anime movies created, this is one of those movies that show that Anime isn't about huge saucer eyes and jiggling body parts. The different director strives to create stories in wonderfully different styles. This is the Japanese (and much-better in my humble opinion) version of U.S.'s Heavy Metal movie.

    Otomo's Cannon Fodder is a gritty tale drawn which was animated in Heavy Metal's style. The atmosphere and mood of a city in war against an enemy which might or might not exist is captured perfectly.

    Stink Bomb is a fun short story, but it's not as strong as the other two.

    What dominates the three is Magnetic Rose. A definite A+ in animation, this tale is the most dramatic, heavily steeped in music and references to Opera, specifically Madama Butterfly. I had one of my Theatre friends (who has directed Operas before, and never watched Anime) and he was captivated. Not only that, he was able to spot references to Opera I never knew (being an opera-idiot). Whoever wrote this knew his stuff. The characters are totally believable, and the mix of action, suspense and tragedy makes for the most rich Anime experience yet.

      Reviewer #2: Clyde Adams III
      Episodes reviewed: Movie; subtitled
    Grade: 97% (A+)
       "Magnetic Rose" is the longest and best story in Memories. The salvage crewmen, Heinz and Miguel, enter the strange space station and find a huge, ornately decorated, decaying home built decades before for an opera diva. As they investigate, they see and hear strange things, and find themselves confronting their own deepest wishes and fears, and their fondest and most terrible memories, as well as great physical danger. Powerful and moving, with a great score by Yoko Kanno (largely based on Puccini's opera Madama Butterfly), this one is a must-see.

    "Stink Bomb" has many moments that are very funny in a gallows-humor vein. The title character, Nobuo, is pretty thick not to realize that it's the stinking gas he gives off that is killing everyone around him. He tries to get to Tokyo, per his most recent instructions, while the full force of the Japanese and U.S. military try to stop him.

    "Cannon Fodder" has no plot. It is a slice of life, one day in this quietly appalling, darkly amusing society, where firing the big guns is the only purpose anyone has.

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