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Exclusive review: Inu-Yasha:
Rumiko Takahashi's (Ranma 1/2, Maison Ikkoku, Mermaid Tales) new hit TV series in Japan
  Rating: R
  U.S. Distribution Rights: ADV Films
  Genres: Fantasy, Comedy

Miyuki-chan in Wonderland (OVA)

Description:    She's late, she's late, and you won't believe her fate! It's down the bunny hole and through the looking glass as beautiful young Miyuki takes a mind-bogging trip through the wildest wonderland ever animated. But be warned: this fantasy is no fairytale. The fabulous artists of Clamp, Japan's famous all female art team, have taken the classics and created an entirely new universe populated exclusively with a luscious selection of lusty young ladies in every conceivable shape, size, and form. From the Cheshire Cat to the S&M Queen of Hearts, Miyuki will sweep you off your feet with a dazzling display of dynamic visuals, sexy surrealism and astonishing animation. Join our befuddled young beauty for a heaping helping of eyecandy and adventure like nothing anyone's ever seen before.

Overall Grade: 81% (B-)

The Miyuki-chan in Wonderland (Manga) Review

  Reviewer #1: Shirley Susilo
  Episodes reviewed: Subtitled
Grade: 70% (C-)
   This is a very interesting Shoujo anime, and here comes another warning (the reason why I put this title under Adult category) This is a KINKY anime. There r 2 parts to this title. The first one is entitled Miyuki Chan in wonderland. Starting up with Miyuki chan waking up with a "nightmare." And on her way to school she follows a bunny and falls in to another kinky world, where all the inhabitants r FEMALE. Euuh, I don't like the way this is gonna turn out. Tasukete ~! For some reason this kinkiness disgusts me =P. You'll see why in a minute. For example, Miyuki has to touch a "doorknob,"which is a breast of a woman @o@. Quite nasty I must say (I am feeling sick now). However, this is gonna get a little worse, and I cannot tell u or I'll just pass out @o@. All the women in the wonderland r kinda.."naughty naughty." The second part is Miyuki Chan in Mirrorland with similar story with the 1st part where she ends up in the mirror land with another naughty experiences with other girls. Euuh @o@. Another thing I donit like about this anime is that it is too short and I felt cheated when I bought this. It is just simply too abrupt. The stories r confusing because it keeps repeating itself. The moral to the story is that if u r desperate of watching naughty kinky girls versus innocent girl, big busts, and sexy bodies then this is for u. And I am gonna run as fast as possible from wonderland JA~ NE!

  Reviewer #2: Clyde Adams III
  Episodes reviewed: Movie; subtitled
Grade: 88% (B+)
   Miyuki-chan in Wonderland is a fun, silly, naughty, plot-less romp, recommended for adults. It's based on the manga by the four-woman team CLAMP (Magic Knight Rayearth, X, etc.). Miyuki-chan actually consists of two short features, each using warped versions of characters and situations from the classic works by Lewis Carroll. The first feature is based on Alice in Wonderland, the second on Through the Looking Glass.

The first feature starts when cute Miyuki, running to get to school, finds herself following a bunny girl on a skateboard and falls down a hole. The second starts with Miyuki being pulled into her mirror by her own reflection.

All the characters (including the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, the Dormouse, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, and Humpty Dumpty) are beautiful girls, and nearly all (except the innocent, aghast Miyuki) seem to be into promiscuous lesbianism, sadomasochism, or exhibitionism. There's no hardcore action here, and almost no nudity; just lots of suggestive naughtiness.

  Reviewer #3: Danielle Perreault
  Episodes reviewed: OVA; Subtitled
Grade: 85% (B)
   Someone once asked if the members of CLAMP ever get any sleep. Afterall, with all the manga series they're publishing when would they have time right?

Their answer? They don't. And Miyuki-chan in Wonderland is clear evidence of this statement if ever there was.

I mean lets face it, the plot presented here is something only a person with 1 hour of sleep a day can think up. Either that or CLAMP was smoking something funny that day. Maybe both, who knows?

Either way, Miyuki's a trip.

Of course, the art and animation is just splendid(this is CLAMP afterall). However there's a common misconception about this show that I'd like to clear up now. Miyuki-chan in Wonderland is NOT hentai. While yes, it is rather... naughty in content, there is no actual sex going on. If anything its poking fun at how pure and naive Miyuki manages to remain despite all that's thrown at her.

In the end, this anime has something going for it that few other CLAMP titles does. Its short, pointless and makes no sense whatsoever. Yet, its still enjoyable. Definitely recommended for anyone who has 30 or so minutes to kill and doesn't wanna think to hard.

And hey, they're right. She is awfully cute....

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